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Rain Rain Go Away

Bobby Vinton

I can still remember when you moved in next door I brought you some chocolate from the corner candy store When it started raining you started crying too That was the first time I sang this song to you

Rain, rain, go away come again some other day Rain, rain, go away bring my love a sunny day

We grew up together and as the years went by Everybody knew that we were sweethearts, you and I

Through many April showers I held your hand in mine Between the raindrops we sang time after time

Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day Rain, rain, go away bring my love a sunny day

I went away to college, you said, you'd wait for me Then I got your letter asking me to set you free Tomorrow you'll be married, there's nothing I can do but wish you sunshine

Now and your whole life through

Rain, rain, go away, tomorrow is her wedding day Rain, rain, go away, bring my love a sunny day

Songwriters: Noel Regney, Gloria Shayne.

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