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Spring is about new beginnings

Flowers start blooming, termites begin swarming and customers become aware of increased pest activity around their homes and businesses. Home renovations, expose termite activity.

More time spent at home, a robust real estate market, and conducive weather conditions bring termite activity to light. People who are working from home notice more problems than they normally would.

The combination of moisture and humidity makes termites swarm. When it comes to noticing swarms, timing is everything. Swarming occurs for a short period, if the homeowner isn’t there to witness it or doesn’t find left-behind evidence, such as wings, they may not know it even happened.

Our experience in the termite industry indicates older customers embrace preventive termite service. They tend to spend more on home maintenance and understand how to maintain their investment. By comparison, younger homeowners tend to be more reactionary when it comes to home maintenance and termite control.

Excellent Fumigation technicians treat or tent single family residences with active termite infestations and provide ongoing maintenance service when guarantees expire.

Excellent specializes in termite treatment of apartment and condominium projects. Communication and town hall meetings are key to coordinating large projects.

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