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Tenting with Excellent Fumigation

What we do

When tent fumigation is needed Excellent Fumigation does the job right.

We provide all the needed tent fumigation instructions and forms in English and Spanish
Fume bags for food and medication are also provided

Our skilled teams are highly trained and experienced in service. All types of structures from smaller craftsmanship homes to extremely large condominium complexes and commercial properties. Excellent’s licensed Inspectors provide written inspection reports and proposals. There is no sub-contracting at Excellent. Our licensed fumigators are our employees, and are our work family. We know them and trust them to respect you and your property.


The treatment method called fumigation or tenting is highly effective in exterminating drywood termites without damaging property or leaving residue. The process involves covering whole structures in a tent of vinyl-coated nylon tarpaulins or a minimum of two nights while an odorless gas fumigant called Vikane® is released inside.


We perform tent fumigation only when the infestation is excessive and widespread in structures. This proven treatment ensures 100% elimination of drywood termite.

Tenting is not always recommended, but if termites are built in or bed bugs or beetles are an issue, tenting is the only sure way to get rid of 100% of infestations. 

Excellent Fumigation is one of the only Southern California termite companies that does not subcontract tenting and is not a wholesaler doing tenting for other termite companies. We are there for our customers start to finish. 

Call 310 970-0540 today to schedule a free estimate.  


Have questions about the tent process or preparation? 

Head over to read our instructions for tent fumigations.

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